The Witcher 3

Posted Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 9:17pm

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  • I have chosen witch 3 to be part of my gaming project and looking for some laustan and writeups. Kindly share links which can help me in giving it a right structure.
  • This monster is very tough to beat even in the normal mode. This game is one of the do my assignment for me , and games of 2017. I have played it till the end of story. It was an awesome experience. May the developers make more games like this with good stories. Thanks a lot for sharing this gameplay shot with others.
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  • One of the favorite games of all times and probably the best game for the last couple of years, I like it because of action, story and amazing places. It feels you are flowing through a dream, Even I play at nights because my work on review starts at midnight but believe me I am working on it and I have a proper plan to finish my task but whenever I feel boar, I play this game.

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